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Unilevel plan is the most common and easy gain system. In this system, the registration of a new member under one person can be made unlimited. The member who is included in the system can add new members directly to his&her own level.
The main advantage of the Unilevel plan is that there is no limit on earnings, as there are no limits on the number of people directly added to a lower level.
In this system, members of the same level earn the same amount of earnings. There is a depth limitation for premiums only.
Usually 5-7. depth and sales up to the level of member earnings are provided. The Unilevel system has a depth limitation.

Sponsor Bonus : It is the bonus given to encourage new member registration.
Gradual bonus : The premium received from the sale of each member below the upper level member. This enters an infinite gain cycle.
Quick Start Bonus : A bonus that is also described as a motivation bonus for beginners. This additional bonus is given to the new member who is encouraged to achieve a certain sales volume over a period of time.
Progress Bonus: This bonus is a one-time bonus given to people who have reached a certain level in the system.
Performance Bonus: Additional bonus system to be given by the network company according to the performance of the member.
Leadership Bonus: A bonus program for the promotion of top leaders. Annual or periodic sales premiums are given from sales.

Unilevel plan is an easy to understand and implement system, generally preferred. The company and its members have high earnings. With additional bonus programs and bonuses, new recruitment and sales can be increased rapidly and the network can be expanded considerably.