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Stair-step plan is a breadth-free plan that allows distributors to sponsor an unlimited number of people in their breadth-first line. Many plans of this kind have requirements to achieve sales volume in both depth and width, high career quota, and requirements for group and personal sales. Required sales volume is created by recruiting new associates as well as by retailing the product line of the company. And members move up one step in the team hierarchy, once they recruit a predefined number of associates and also sells a preset volume of products.


One can earn “fast start bonus” by achieving a certain upgrading to their designations within a certain period of time. Let us make the process simple with an example; one got sponsored to a bottom level, say a sales representative. He/she achieves each level cut-off target and level up to Distributor and so on. If this is happened in a certain amount of time he/she receives this particular bonus.


By leveling up to a certain level and then achieves a percentage of value the user gets “Clear-Ship pool” bonus. User automatically receives the pool or club membership at this particular stage.