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MLM Matrix Plan is also called as Ladder Plan or Forced Matrix Plan, which is pretty much similar to Pyramid. The length and width are clear. It is similar to a pyramid in which the members are ordered in a certain order. Gain is limited, not limitless. Each new record made more than the specified person is written under another member, a sale outside the specified depth or adding a new member is not reflected to the person as a premium. It is easy to apply because its limits are certain.

For example, in a 3 × 9 system, a person can add up to 3 new members. It is also entitled to receive premiums up to the depth of the 9th level. There is no gain from the next level.

The most commonly used systems are 5 × 8, 3 × 9 and 2 × 12.

Various bonuses are identified and applied to increase participation and encourage.
Sponsor Bonus: The Network defines sponsor bonuses that encourage existing members to add new members.
Match Bonus: The match bonus is the bonus given to the senior member. When a member in the lower tier earns any bonus, a senior member for incentive purposes is also given a percentage bonus.
Stage Bonus: The bonus earned when he and a sub-stage completed the horizontal part of the tree.
Position Bonus: The aim of this bonus is to increase the motivation of the person who has reached the maximum number of people to add new members.
Matrix Bonus: This bonus is given to members who complete the earnings system.