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Gift plan is based on the concept of offering, delivering gifts to someone and receiving it from another person. It’s mainly used in crowdfunding, helping and donation programs too. It follows the principle of Give and Take. Gift Plan is widely called as Donation Plan as it is totally working on sending gifts to a single person which is highlighted by the MLM industry and receiving gifts from multiple of members. The donation plan competencies used different naming based on their business strategies.

The basic concept is to send a gift to one member and receive multiple gifts from many other members. So each member will be benefited with multiple gift receipts from other members. Members will deposit or gift directly to other members as the system shows.

The compensations and bonuses are different from organization-to-organization. The organizations define their compensation plan based on their policies and area of operations. As a leading provider of donation software system, we offer a wider range of compensations out-of-the-box.